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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Lantern Capital Advisors is a corporate financial planning and advisory firm that assists established, growing companies on an hourly basis to develop corporate finance strategies and business plans, and helps to identify and negotiate attractive alternative growth capital, acquisition financing, or management buyout financing for their businesses.

Lantern Capital Advisors succeeds as a corporate finance consulting firm that develops comprehensive business plans and secures attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and businesses with revenues between $5 million and $150 million plus.

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Chris Risey, President Lantern Capital Advisors.  Chris Risey has spent his career helping growing companies and entrepreneurs plan for and use corporate finance strategies to raise capital and execute transactions in order to support growth, finance acquisitions, buyouts, or refinance debt.  Prior to Lantern Capital Advisors, Chris Risey was Managing Director for Tunstall Consulting Inc. in Tampa, Florida, and had been with the firm since 1997....Learn More About Lantern's Management Team

If you have the need to raise capital to execute a management buyout, acquisition financing, growth capital or refinance corporate debt and would like to speak to someone about your project, please contact us directly.